April 7

So far:

Identified issue as treatment of animals.  Your passion is dogs in particular.

Questions you created to guide:

In your notebook you have a lot of various questions which is great.  However, you need to focus on 3-4 this week.

You chose to focus on:

1)  Are attitudes towards animals changing over time?

2)  What are some ways that animals are mistreated ?

3) What rights should animals have?  Are these rights different from country to country?  Are they worldwide?


This week:

1) make a meeting time with your Mom this week to explain what you are doing, show your questions, show her some resources etc.  Maybe she can help? Maybe she knows people who can help you?  Or maybe she has connections with places you can visit?

2)  your mentor, Ms. St. George is away on class trip this week so please email her today and ask her:

– Do you have any connections with animals  shelters and  animal rights organizations that maybe you could interview? or visit?

–  explain your research questions to her so she can help.

3)  talk to your vet and maybe have an interview with him?  If you have an interview, please check the class site and click on the link called “Creating Interview Questions” You also have a copy in your notebook.



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