Saving Zasha By : R.Barrow Review

So far one of the main character that is in the book Mikhail finds the injured man and his dog and bring them to his house. His mother tries to cure the mans infection but at that night he dies so they take him to the police but they didn’t talk about the dog because it’s illegal. Later when they are back at home the kids (Mikhail, Nikolai and Rina) convince their mother to keep the dog and keep it as a secret because the dog was a beautiful, smart German shepherd and they know what they will do to everything that is German because of the war between Germany and Russia, the Russians won the war but they want revenge. So because of that some Russians destroy everything that is German.

I am still reading this book but so far it is a great book that I would highly recommend this book if you like dogs.


The bomber dog by Megan Rix

The bomber dog was a really fun book to read if you love dogs. In the beginning of the book a boy founds 2 dogs that had been living on the streets they where afraid of humans. The boy found the smaller dog her home but the bigger dog didn’t had any home and his only friend was the smaller dog. After a while the bigger wolf kind of looking dog and the boy had a bond to each other so the boy adopts the dog. The first day every body was afraid of the dog because the dog was dirty and looks like a wolf. The boy washes the dog and tries to train him after a while when the dog had been fully grown the boy needed to give his dog to a military training but the problem was the dog wouldn’t thrust anybody but the boy who found him. so the boy became his trainer and because the dog works for military the boy needed to work for military too. The boy trained his dog to jump from the planes with parachutes and one day when him and his dog was on a mission the enemies shoot their plane and they need to jump out of it and they where separated.the boy couldn’t find the dog and he needed to hide because of the enemy. If you want to know what happens at the end you should read this book.Its a great book.51LF0nnu1pL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_

Spartacus and his glorious gladiators Summary

This book is about Spartacus and his life. This book tells that he was first a shepherd in a farm and how he had learned to fight with bears and wolfs to protect sheep and how he always wanted to be a gladiator and he signed up for a gladiator school. After a while the owner of the gladiator school sold Spartacus to a bad slave army. Some time later Spartacus and his slave gladiator friends make a plan to escape from there and Spartacus makes a mission that he would save all the slaves and create a free slave army and attack romans. He reaches his goal and he won a lot of wars but at the end of the book him and his free slave army dies. I enjoyed reading this book and I recommend it.


Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief (The Book Vs. The Movie)

This book is about a boy named Percy and his adventures after he learns he is the son of Poseidon.


The book was similar to the movie but it had a lot of different subjects as well, for example in the movie they use the head of medusa to defeat enemies but in the book Percy sends it to Mount Olympus. Another difference is in the movie the stolen lightning bolt was hidden in Percy‘s shield by Luke and Luke was the one who stole it and when he realizes it he fights with Luke because Luke wants to start a war between gods and he didn’t want him to bring the lightning bolt to Mount Olympus.


In the book Ares is the one who gives Percy a bag with the lightning bolt hidden in it and also hades’s helmet was missing, Luke and Ares was in the control of Kronos. Luke stoles the items and gives to Ares. When Percy realizes that the lightning was in Ares’ bag he wants to return it to Mount Olympus Ares doesn’t wants him to bring the lightning bolt and he fights with Ares.

I highly recommend this book because I think the book was better because you use your imagination .


The summary of the hound of the Baskervilles By : Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

One day detective Sherlock Holmes and his friend and colleague Dr. Watson receive a visit from Dr. Mortimer who lives in England. Dr. Mortimer tells the story of the unexplainable death of sir Charles and the terrible curse of the evil hound that had been terrorizing the Baskerville family for over two hundred years. Detective Holmes was interested about this story and sends Watson to Baskerville Hall, on Dartmoor, to find out more information.And the mystery began, he found him self in an unexpected situations, he found unexpected clues and finally he had some ideas who the murderer could be.At the end of the book he solves the mysteries.



summary of Holes By:Louis Sachar

Stanley Yelnats was always been at the wrong place at the wrong time. That was because of a family curse .Stanley was blamed by stealing Clyde Livingston’s shoes and because of that, the judge gave him  a chance to choose his punishment .He can go to jail or to Camp Green Lake.He chose to go to Camp Green Lake.There was no lake at Camp Green Lake.It was only a dry land and they were making bad boys to dig holes every day under the hot sun to change their characters.


White Fang by : Jack London

I started to read a new book called White Fang. I didn’t read too much but so far where I am at I know that there is a group of sledge dogs that pulls the sledge and they stop every night to rest. One day one of the partners of the owner of the sledge dogs asks how many dogs there were. The owner answers that he has 6, but the partner who feeds the dogs says that he was wrong he feed 7 dogs. When the morning comes they realize that one dog was missing. There were 5 dogs so they thought that the hungry dogs ate the missing dog and the other day one more dog was gone. So the owners wait till the dark and they see a wolf. That wolf was used to people and it was the same wolf that the partner of the sled dogs owner thought that it was a dog from the team when he was feeding the dogs. So they try to figure out a way to get rid of the wolf.


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