The bomber dog by Megan Rix

The bomber dog was a really fun book to read if you love dogs. In the beginning of the book a boy founds 2 dogs that had been living on the streets they where afraid of humans. The boy found the smaller dog her home but the bigger dog didn’t had any home and his only friend was the smaller dog. After a while the bigger wolf kind of looking dog and the boy had a bond to each other so the boy adopts the dog. The first day every body was afraid of the dog because the dog was dirty and looks like a wolf. The boy washes the dog and tries to train him after a while when the dog had been fully grown the boy needed to give his dog to a military training but the problem was the dog wouldn’t thrust anybody but the boy who found him. so the boy became his trainer and because the dog works for military the boy needed to work for military too. The boy trained his dog to jump from the planes with parachutes and one day when him and his dog was on a mission the enemies shoot their plane and they need to jump out of it and they where separated.the boy couldn’t find the dog and he needed to hide because of the enemy. If you want to know what happens at the end you should read this book.Its a great book.51LF0nnu1pL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_

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  • anaisg says:

    Really nice story Mori. I liked the blog. Try to make something else… For example, give some more opinions, you can write the story from a different point of view, you can write an article. I know it is hard to find the time but just by adding some opinions you can make your blog posts more interesting. Overall, it is really good!!


  • anaisg says:

    And one more thing which I forget, try to change the subject because you used a lot of time the boy…

  • eugenes says:

    I should read this book because I really love dogs and I want to know how it ends. It was a nice blog post!

  • jiyoonk says:

    I know that you really love dogs so maybe it won’t be bored when you are reading these kind of books. i want to know your recommendation of a book and some more opinions. Nice blog post 🙂

  • Derya says:

    Nice blogpost! I really liked the storyline. It makes me want to read it. I really liked how the boy changed his life just because of a dog by joining the military. I bet you would do the same. By the way, does the ‘boy’ have a name?
    Anyway nice blogpost!!!!

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