Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief (The Book Vs. The Movie)

This book is about a boy named Percy and his adventures after he learns he is the son of Poseidon.


The book was similar to the movie but it had a lot of different subjects as well, for example in the movie they use the head of medusa to defeat enemies but in the book Percy sends it to Mount Olympus. Another difference is in the movie the stolen lightning bolt was hidden in Percy‘s shield by Luke and Luke was the one who stole it and when he realizes it he fights with Luke because Luke wants to start a war between gods and he didn’t want him to bring the lightning bolt to Mount Olympus.


In the book Ares is the one who gives Percy a bag with the lightning bolt hidden in it and also hades’s helmet was missing, Luke and Ares was in the control of Kronos. Luke stoles the items and gives to Ares. When Percy realizes that the lightning was in Ares’ bag he wants to return it to Mount Olympus Ares doesn’t wants him to bring the lightning bolt and he fights with Ares.

I highly recommend this book because I think the book was better because you use your imagination .


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