Vog Of The Book Chemical Chaos

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  • jakobh says:

    Hi Mori!

    I just wanted to say that your Vlog is really nice to watch and it has much information. Also the way you putted the book in the video was really nice. One thing you really could do better is your sound quality.

  • anaisg says:

    Hi Mori.
    I know this books, I have them at home but I never read them. I thought that they were boring. I am going to try to read them. Thanks for the advice.
    I like your video maybe next time you should give more information or make it longer. For example you can read a part of the book and comment, give your opinions. Next time try to put other images than always the same. It would attracted your audience easily.

    ∞ Anaïs ∞

  • deryag says:

    Hello, first of all nice review. I’ve read a lot of books like this last year and they were so funny. I really liked how you explained the general stuff but maybe next time try to explain a little more, you can share with us a fun fact you have learned from the book. That would be so funny. Nice vlog!

  • jooheel says:

    Hi Mory

    I like the way how you vloged.
    But for the improve, I think you should make the video longer.
    Also the you can record your voice more clearly.
    By the way I like it.

  • englishb says:

    Dear Mori

    What a great first vlog. It’s great that you found a book that you were really interested in, and a wonderful recommendation for others. Do bring it in to show us!

    I did wonder a little bit about the content. Were there any examples of some of the great experiments, or other things that you read? What was your favourite part?

    I look forward to seeing it when you bring it in.

    Mr Varennes

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