White Fang by : Jack London

I started to read a new book called White Fang. I didn’t read too much but so far where I am at I know that there is a group of sledge dogs that pulls the sledge and they stop every night to rest. One day one of the partners of the owner of the sledge dogs asks how many dogs there were. The owner answers that he has 6, but the partner who feeds the dogs says that he was wrong he feed 7 dogs. When the morning comes they realize that one dog was missing. There were 5 dogs so they thought that the hungry dogs ate the missing dog and the other day one more dog was gone. So the owners wait till the dark and they see a wolf. That wolf was used to people and it was the same wolf that the partner of the sled dogs owner thought that it was a dog from the team when he was feeding the dogs. So they try to figure out a way to get rid of the wolf.


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